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The History.

MELLUSO Company, established in 1945 as a family run craftsman's workshop,started off aware of the importance of combining traditional manufacturing methods with newly born industrial technology. Such intuition opened up the
path to leadership in the field of comfort footwear. Remarkable investments and in-house upgrade were the key to gradual company upsizing, production increase and product diffusion nationwide. The artisanal skill, passed down through three generations, has not been neglected but enhanced by applying the most updated manufacturing techniques. Melluso is today astate-of-the-art industry boasting one of Europe's most modern manufacturing
lines. The original artisanal heritage still plays a main role when it comes to searching for and selecting the finest and softest leather, to caring for finish and to produce shoes that are perfect inside. Each detail, from the anatomical arch support to the tiniest stitch, contributes to maximum comfort.